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One way you can take advantage of the ReddiPOS technology is sign up as a Enterprise Partner. In doing so we provide you  with your  very own personnal POS cloud platform.

Enterprise Partnership

The enterprise partnership is designed for companies who want to control thier own Point of Sale delivery.
Private and secure

You get your own installation of ReddiPOS cloud on a VM server dedicated to you.

The software
Latest ReddiPOS platform

Installed on your cloud will the very latest  version with full access to your own control center, from where you can manage your customer  accounts

Desktop and mobile

ReddiPOS cloud allow you to control the licencing of the ReddiPOS clients while having full access to the clients instance for support purposes.

Direct data visibility

Delivery from the cloud enables you to provide greater support. You will be able to give instant updates, new plugin features and help manage the clients data.