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This module allows you to control and setup all the relevant infomation that helps your system function.


Within the venue menu you can setup all elements relating to the premises like locations and staff.

Point of Sale

Within the Point of Sale menu you can define the elements relating to selling like which items (PLU's). 

These PLU's can then be grouped by department, main group and subgroup, allowing improved analysis of your sales.


The financials menu is all about setting up your tax levels and payment types if you are use anything other than cash. It also allows you to setup a list of pricing levels for things like happy hour.


Within the equipment menu you control your POS devices and define your printers.  Payment Machines are simply a list of card terminals so you can record the value taken on each machine at cash up time.


The general menu is where you can set your preferences and manage the key lists used throughout the system like measurement sizes.