html templates


This module allows you to design the button layouts for yout POS screen.
1. Layouts

Each set of the buttons  is  called a layout. You can create multiple layouts for various locations such as main bar and lounge.

2. Menus

You can design up to 30 different menu buttons each one taking the user to a  different page. Menu's can even be set for when they are valid like a
"Sunday Menu".

3. Buttons

There is a 12 x 12 grid within which you can add buttons, resize them, set their colour, add an image and link them to a PLU.

These buttons can also be custom buttons that take the user to a sub menu of buttons or trigger a custom feature..

4. Function Buttons

Function buttons are typically used to trigger a feature like "VOID" or "REFUND".

All changes are auto saved and once complete you can simply click "Publish" to send the new layout to each of your POS devices.